emoji_events Winners 2021
We are happy to announce the winners of our first edition of Bright Future Independent Film Festival - Gothenburg.
These films were carefully selected by 4 jury members who took their time to analize each and every film.
From editing, sound design, acting, storytelling, direkting and so on.

emoji_events Best young filmmaker
Presented to: Lisanne Sweere

Director: Lisanne Sweere
Country: Netherlands

Brother (2021) is a short film (drama, fiction) about the impact of psychosis on a family. Brothers Ivo (16) and Tom (18) are very close.
One day Ivo notices that Tom is showing unusual behaviour.
His big brother Ivo has always looked up to is about to lose his mental sanity.
When Tom’s behaviour is becoming increasingly alarming, Ivo faces a difficult decision. Will he ever get his brother back?

emoji_events Best short film
Presented to: Mahmut Tas

Director: Mahmut Tas
Country: Turkey

A little girl lives in a village with her mother where water sources are dwindling by day.
Drought effects her imagination, even her doodles and drawings. Not only people but the nature struggles with the unrelenting aridness.
This little girl though, never loses hope.
She tries to do as best she can, sacrificing from herself for her beloved nature.

emoji_events Best documentary short
Presented to: Andreas Arnstedt

Shadow Kid
Director: Andreas Arnstedt
Country: Germany

The term "shadow children" is largely unknown in our society.
These are children who live with a terminally ill sibling.
All the parents' attention belongs to the sick child.
The healthy children are in the "shadow", take on tasks for which they are still far too young and fill all the family gaps that open up due to the overload of their parents.
Often enough it is the days in the hospice that the healthy children long for, as they are relieved of all burdens in this place for a few hours.

emoji_events Best documentary feature
Presented to: Roser Corella

Room without a view
Director: Roser Corella
Country: Austria

A thought-provoking gaze of the exploitative working conditions experienced by migrant domestic workers hired under the Kafala system in Lebanon.
By combining a multitude of perspectives, the film offers intimate insights into the private lives of employers, agents and maids.
Exposing modern forms of slavery, it also reflects on the role of women and domestic work at large in capitalist societies.

emoji_events Best animated film
Presented to: Eleni Lazaridi

Keep your feet on the clouds
Director: Eleni Lazaridi
Country: Greece

Fikos is trying to cross the city on his wheelchair, but he constantly encounters obstacles that he can overcome only through imagination.

emoji_events Best director
Presented to: Bruno Gradaschi

Director: Bruno Gradaschi
Country: Argentina

A world where everyone lives in the work stations and eats liquid food coming from dispensers.
Workers that are only numbers fulfil incomprehensible and alienating tasks to earn points and reach a target to move up the chain and access a better life.
We know him as 079 and he keeps falling short leaving that promotion too far to reach.
So he decides to steal the remaining points from his next door neighbour.

emoji_events Best music video
Presented to: Alex Le Guillou, Jonathan Fitas

Director: Alex Le Guillou, Jonathan Fitas
Country: France

"Ingenuous" is a part of a personal reflection about nature and organic environments, Artificial Visions.
A series of reflections and visuals experiments about the way machines perceive our reality.
The film puts in image a slow contemplation of this process of reconstruction of the nature by the machines.