theaters Watch online festival - [77]
We are delighted to invite you to our online screenings of our 2021 fetsival edition.
These films are avialable from 2nd to 10th of October.

Narrative Short films - [21]
By: Arturo Dueñas Herrero
Country: Spain

A Wilted leaf
By: Darwin Reina
Country: Spain

By: Richard Maxime, Nicolas Gresland, Cohen Léo, Amanatiou Arthur, Alvarez Axel, Raux Michaël
Country: France

Red Bean
By: Yu Chen
Country: China

The first kiss
By: Laqisha Radojevic
Country: Sweden

Alone beneath the northern lights
By: Valentin Boitel-Denyset
Country: France

The last celebration
By: Adrián Ramos
Country: Mexico

The family key
By: Sydney Richardson
Country: United States

Ekjon Esshorer Golpo: The Story Of God
By: Layek Ahmed Pobon
Country: Bangladesh

By: Mohsen Mohammadi
Country: Iran

By: Semen Kropachev, Konstantin Goran
Country: Russian Federation

Endless Days
By: Jakob Knutsson
Country: Sweden

Tell me who I am
By: Luca Caserta
Country: Italy

By: Bruno Gradaschi
Country: Argentina

Michiko A3
By: Ryo Kagawa
Country: Japan

Yaathumaag Ninrai
By: Nittish Praboojit
Country: India

By: Mahmut Tas
Country: Turkey

The seed of hope
By: Nando Morra
Country: Italy

Covid love
By: Rene Nuijens
Country: Netherlands

By: Lisanne Sweere
Country: Netherlands

The other
By: Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi
Country: Iran