emoji_events Awards

For our first festival event, we will be handing out awards in the following categories.

-  Future Ambassador

-  Best Short Film

-  Best Feature Film

-  Best Director (Short, Feature)

-  Best Documentary (Short)

-  Best Documentary (Feature)

-  Best Animation

-  Best young filmmaker

-  Best Children film (under 15)

"Children film is not a competitive category. Because we don't want chilren to compete against each other.
Instead they all who are under 15 will recieve a certificate for their great works.
They are all already a winner for haveing managed to creat their own films."


Future ambassador can be anyone who have shown his or her advocasy of working towards a bright and promising ecological future through his/her creative work.

Prize creator
Rosita Ståhl

Rosita is a Glass Artist from Sweden. She started with glass when she was 16 years old. Then she moved to Orrefors to start at the National School for Glass. After these 4 years she moved to Bornholm, Denmark to start at the Royal Danish Academy, department for glass, Bachelor degree.

Rosita gets very inspired from shapes in nature. She makes drawings after her travels around the world. Working with different settings with her own expressions into glass.


Mountains is for me a Shape in nature which symbolizes strength. Whatever happens, the mountain stands most often solid and strong. Or can be changed into other forms, but still survive.

The dropshape is very symbolic to me as I often make the weather come out around my glass mountain shapes, to create an environment into the room.

The drop and water is symbolic to emotions, which I find very inspiring.

The prize comes with a Lamp base.

”I want you to turn on the light when life feels a little tough. And to be reminded of the strength we carry within us”.

/Rosita Ståhl