emoji_events Winners 2021

Wellcome to Bright Future Independent Film Festival - Gothenburg (BFIFF), a new film festival for independent and young filmmakers worldwide. The festival will be organized by the association Bright Future.

The festival wants to show films from all over the world that are made by independent as well as young filmmakers. The main focus is films that give a positive vision or hope for the future or films that take place in a future where the world looks much better than it does today. We see this festival as a forum where filmmakers have a unique opportunity to bring their new ideas to the table so that they could inspire other people to make those ideas a possible reality.

Maybe in your future money does not exist? Maybe all the cars are organic and dosen't destroy the environment? Or maybe all sickness has disappeared?

So go ahead and bring all of your brilliant ideas into a movie and let us show it to the world!

Waking up
Our inspiration

In the Future …
There will be no war,
There will be no greed
and all the children will know how to read

Gene Roddenberry (the creator of Star Trek)

Our biggest source of inspiration is without a doubt the world-famous TV series Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.

During the 60's the world looked very different than it does today. Hollywood and TV productions were dominated mainly by male and white actors who played the best and heaviest roles. Gene Roddenberry was very aware of this and that´s why he dreamed of a world where people of different races and genders who could be accepted by everyone in society.

In his revolutionary vision for the future, the TV series Star Trek, he wanted to change that by mixing different races and genders and giving them important roles in the series. Although he was nobbed by most film companies, he was stubborn and determined with his decision about the differences of the characters and soon he would see his dream to manifesting into a reality.

Eventually he managed to get funding and he produced the Star Trek series. The series became so popular that it inspired people such as scientists from NASA. Now it is more acceptable to have mixed race and gender in film and TV productions and much of that we have to thank Star Trek for. In addition, Gene created a future that was free from all war and poverty and racism. The people of his world had reached a point where they had learned from all their mistakes in the past and decided, instead of separation and hatred, to cooperate and respect each other to create a new world full of opportunities in spirituality, science and culture.

This is what we also want to achieve with our film festival. We want to work with people with different genders and backgrounds and show that together we are stronger and more creative. We want the festival to be for educational and exploration purposes and continue on the same track as the Star Trek series. Together we can change the world.

“Live long and prosper”